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Silence. A Place of Growth


Silence is the absence of noise reaching our eardrums

It is the peaceful feeling staring into the infinite sky at its darkest moment

It is the mesmerizing tango played by water and sand as it crashes on its shores

It is the slow steps in the wilderness 

It is the still moments gazing into the vastness of nature

It is the blank mind staring into the dancing flames of a fire

It is the contemplative mind watching perfectly shaped snow flakes floating with gravity

It is the quiet moment in solitude

It is the moment where truth rises

It is the time spent sitting inside the pain

It is the moment where hidden feelings erupt to the surface

It is the moment where we clear our thoughts

It is the moment where we create space

It is the moment where foundations are strengthened

It is the moment where we move forward with the Energy of Life

In the stillness of solitude, in the silence of the mind, in the darkest thoughts, in the shameful feelings, in the good memories, the happy thoughts, the laughs; in all those moments, we listen, we let the chatter flow, we contemplate it, we understand it, we become conscious of it, we let it go, we grow. We become liberated



Perito Moreno | Patagonia | Argentina

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