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Vulnerability; Family

in conversation with Sébastien Hartmann

Passionate Soul | Living Being | Entrepreneur


Family; akin to a fortress, a fortress of love, bound to each other by blood, tradition, expectations. I feel dependence, a need of approval, validation and recognition, entitlement. Fear creeps in as tension arises, I feel that I have gifted them with the moral weapons of my own destruction.


Like a fortress, together we stand strong, but within our walls anger rises as the arm of defence. Fortresses fall from within, from an internal breakdown, concept of separation willing. 

I feel betrayed, vulnerable, trust is gone, communication lost. I feel a void. That well deepens as anger feeds on it. I feel attached, I fear living with regrets if eternity suddenly was to come.

I feel vulnerable. I learn that I am not invincible. I come to see that the hardest blow doesn’t knock me down. I go within, I accept, I walk the path of my own Truth, I surrender to Life. I take responsibility, I feel a sense of culpability. I accept it, I let go, I grow. Darkness brings forth light and allows me to find liberation.

Taught, I am, to walk upon my own path guided by my inner intuition. Selfish? I believe not. I see an act of liberation, self-love.

I learn to stop carrying the burden and the culpability placed, and accepted, upon me by others. Through vulnerability, I become liberated. I brake that vicious cycle holding me down. Freedom.


Sébastien Hartmann | Switzerland

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