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The Game of Life : Unity & Duality

I am...

I am nothing

I am weak to feel strength

I am impatient to learn patience

I am fear to find courage 

I am loud to appreciate silence 

I am organized to learn spontaneity 

I am fast to be slow

I am sadness to learn of happiness

I am pain to learn of joy

I am a prisoner of my feelings to be liberated from them

I am the rays of sun after the morning rain

I am the blossoming flowers after the long winter 

I am light after darkness

I am the unbounded and all encompassing Love. 

I am...everything

The game of life : unity and duality. Until I come to feel and realise that Love is all, Love is unconditional, Love is all encompassing, Love is not dual, Love is Love. I go beyond the duality of all, the concept of separateness breaks down and enter into one-ness


Mount Batur | Bali | Indonesia

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